Dear Members,
   What an inspiration Nikki Penaluna is !  I am looking more closely at all the dandelions and other wild flowers in my garden and there are lots!  Also so many birds in my trees. We can’t all keep bees but can try and do just a little more to encourage them and other wildlife.
   Our next speakers, Margaret and Chris Jones should be inspirational as well, if the pictures on their blog is anything to go by. They are travelling quite a distance to speak to us, so I hope we can have a good turnout.
   I hardly dare say it but think the weather is turning a corner. Looking forward to the Rose and Veg. Group meetings which both start this month.
   Happy gardening and enjoy the nice weather.

Cilla Pickett, IGC President 

NOTE : Go to 'GARDEN NOTES' page to read more about bees flower preferences.                                                                                          


'No Dig Gardening'

Talk by Margaret and Chris Jones 
'Growing to Eat, on a limey soil with hot dry conditions.'