Dear Members,
   May 2018 be happy, healthy and fruitful for you all.
   As we settle down after the festivities our minds go to all the future events that we have planned for your club through the year to come. 2018 is the year where, at the March AGM, all your committee have to stand for re election after which a new chairman will be elected and I can promise you that as I stand down I know that the club will go from strength to strength under new leadership:  more of that anon.
   Due to personal circumstances I sadly missed the New year members lunch by two days but I gather that it was a very successful event for the 34 members who enjoyed an excellent meal in very convivial company and I do thank Cilla in particular for organising the venue. I wonder if there is some merit however at looking at moving this event to a late spring  date (the beginning of the growing season) when so many more of our seasonal members are back with us? Food for thought.
   Next month we are sure that we can count on your support for a slightly innovative meeting!  Roger Adams is an artist who is well known to many of our members as well as being a member of the IGC. We will meet together for a session which will give us all the benefit of his artistic expertise and we may well be called upon use our own artistic skills...again, we are keen to keep the 'interesting' in our title alive!  Jacquie will be sending out more details very soon, but, please, do come and have some fun.  I feel sure that the bring and share lunch afterwards will be a 'talking shop' as to how we all got on and, more importantly, how much we enjoyed ourselves. Do diary the date.
   There will be, as ever, a diversity of subjects on offer in to the new season: we will, of course, be retaining the annual events that we all enjoy and between times your committee will be offering you really interesting speakers/subjects  but, please, if you have a subject you would like to talk about or know someone who would give a presentation to the club, do let us know. It is, your club,  so your input is welcomed.
                                                                                        Jaki Moorhouse IGC President