For the past 10 years Rudeau Ladosse (24340) has held a plant exchange. Any money raised has gone to the village for new trees, plants, bulbs, etc. This year, the Rudeau Ladosse committee plans to hold a Plant Sale (also to include used garden equipment that is surplus to requirements). There will also be an art exhibition and flower arranging expo/competition in the village chapel. The RL committee would like to hear if there is interest in supporting this event either from individuals or plant traders/nurseries. If you would like to participate or know more, please contact Helen Eagers (05 53 56 90 97) or email

IMPORTANT : Meetings are always held in the Lusignac Salle des Fêtes (24320)

on the second Thursday of each month unless otherwise advised.

They start at 11.00 am sharp, doors are open from 10.15 and coffee available from Le Calice next door.

Please respect our speakers by arriving before the start. Thank you


MARCH 8TH, 2018 

Voting for the new Committee and a presentation on the 'Key events from 2017'.  


APRIL 12TH, 2018


Talk entitled  'Beekeeping in a changing world ' 

She will tell us about the effects of pesticides. How a warming world is impacting on the bee hive and the importance of ourselves as gardeners. Nikki studied environmental biology and natural science and was a teacher for 34 years. A qualified diver, she has studied marine life around the coast of the British Isles. Since her retirement she has turned her attention to bee keeping, trying to understand and help solve some of the problems they are facing in the world today.

MAY 10TH, 2018


Talk entitled  'NO DIG - Growing to Eat, on a limey soil with hot dry summers'

This will follow their progress in attempting to solve some of the problems they have encountered here in their French garden. They have been keen gardeners and plant collectors for over 30 years, starting in UK, where their garden was open under the NGC yellow book scheme. They have been in France for 11 years, where their small garden keeps them pretty much self-sufficient in fruit and veg.

JUNE  14TH, 2018

Annual IGC outing - details to be advised.

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Introduction to Bee Keeping Course

Lesson 1                 Sunday 25th March 2018  2-5 pm
Introduction, Types of bees, Structure of the bee colony, The bee year, Hive layout and equipment
Practical hands on session-looking for the queen, drones, workers, pollen, eggs.

Lesson 2                Sunday 8th April 2018    2-5 pm
Bee behaviour, laying patterns, feeding bees.  Managing your bees, fortnightly checks.
Wiring and waxing frames. Practical - manipulation and feeding for increase, looking for laying patterns and signs of irregular activity.

Lesson 3                 Sunday 22nd April 2018   2-5 pm
Swarm control, including artificial swarming. Introducing queens.
Pests & diseases. Legal aspects, insurance etc
Practical - Artificial swarm control, splitting hives for increase.

Lesson 4                  Sunday 13th May 2018  2-5 pm
Movement of hives, position. Types of honey & problems
Swarm collecting, Bait hives. Practical - Checking the splits for queens.

All lessons are held at La petite ferme galloise, Chez thomas,16390 Pillac
Tel 05 45 98 18 09

A bee suit, gloves and wellingtons are required to participate. The cost is €100.

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BRING AND SHARE  lunches are held after many of the talks. Wine, water and bread is always supplied.

Members are kindly requested to provide either a savoury or dessert offering suitable for 6 or more people. Please remember to bring plates, utensils, glass and napkins