Class 1 - 3 x Tomatoes          Annie Key 1st, Carelle Sherwood 2nd, Helen Gray 3rd.
Class 2 - 6 x Beans.               Joy Collett 1st, Carelle Sherwood 2nd, Annie Key 3rd.
Class 3 - 3 x Potatoes.           Linda Creegan 1st.
Class 4 - 3 x Courgettes.        Carelle Sherwood 1st, Val Ford2nd, Andy Piper 3rd.
Class 5 - 1 x Lettuce.             Jaki Moorhouse 1st, Val Ford 2nd.
Class 6 - Basket of 5 veg.       Linda Creegan 1st.
Class 7 - Most unusual veg.    Helen Harrison 1st, Helen Gray 2nd, Carelle Sherwood 3rd.
Class 8 - Member's geranium. Val Ford 1st, Pat Caborn 2nd.
Class 9 - Mixed herbs.            Richard Evans 1st, Val Ford 2nd, Rosemary Haden 3rd.

Class 10 - 1 stem rose(s).       Helen Gray 1st, Jacquie Strasser 2nd, Richard Evans 3rd.
Class 11 - Vase of Flowers.     Carelle Sherwood 1st, Joan Piper 2nd, Annie Key 3rd.
Class 12 - Fruit or conserve.   Jill Balfour 1st, Helen Gray 2nd, Helen Harrison 3rd.

Show Champion: Carelle Sherwood 1st, Val Ford 2nd , Helen Gray 3rd

Summer Horticultural Show Results

Michael Hicken our Judge

and Jaki Moorhouse