On June 8th 2017 a group of 30+ members walked the beautiful gardens of Chateau Degas at Saint Germain du Puch. The owner Madame Degas described in detail the trees and plants that she has lovingly grown over a 60 year time frame.  LES JARDINS DE SOULOIRE covers 8 hectares with over 2,500 trees and shrubs.
Look at their website for information


A visit to the lovely gardens, fields of lavender and a 'Bring your Own' picnic was held on Thursday AUGUST 10th.


September 14th, 2017

A talk by Janet Skea

 VAUX-LE-VICOMTE AND VERSAILLES: 17th Century Garden History. A talk by Erica Lainé.

Dominance in garden design passed from Italy to France in the 17th century and was epitomised in the work of one great creative garden designer, André Le Nôtre. This richly illustrated talk will look at Le Nôtre's predecessors in royal garden design, the two grand gardens which show his skills and talents, the historical context for the gardens and the part that  Louis X1V played to bring about Versailles.

 9th February 2017

​OCTOBER 12TH, 2017 

​A Talk by Julianna Lees

Rivers of the Garden of Eden

A talk by GERALD CHAMBORD from MONTIGNAC LE COQ about the development and design of his beautiful gardens.The serene gardens of Montignac le Coq are 5 minutes drive from Aubeterre sur Dronne. These two hectares of gardens have three large areas, the themed gardens and the roses collection, the natural garden with the lavender field, the trees, the pond and the wood of La Paloma. In 2017 there will also be exhibitions of art, ceramics, workshops and even yoga. As a member of the Open Garden scheme they will be open on May 17th.

Visit http://www.lesjardinsducoq.com/ to see more about them.

 MARCH 9TH, 2017

A talk by CHRIS HUNTER from Rustic Palm Grove, Charras. The main plants that they raise in their nursery and that are ideally suited to our gardens are: Bamboo (invasive) for hedging, bamboo (non invasive) ornamental, circular plants used as a garden feature. The various kinds of grasses, that are only pruned hard in spring, included the lovely white or red miscanthus. The large bloom hibiscus included several varieties from shrub to smaller versions to be used in mixed beds and are hardy - but do need to be kept watered in prolonged drought. They also have a variety of sempervivums that tolerate frost. 

Christmas Tea and Carols DECEMBER 14TH, 2017


A TALK BY CARO FEELY FROM CHATEAU FEELY. To see more about their special vineyard visit this site http://chateaufeely.com/

June 8th, 2017 Visit to Les Jardins de Souloire

APRIL 13TH, 2017

​​MAY 11th, 2017
MICHAEL HICKEN's talk was beautifully illustrated and he described the early discoveries of this genus of 1,024 species of woody plants in the heath family (Ericaceae), that were found mainly in Asia and now all over the world. The difference in flower shapes was truly remarkable and variety of colours a great surprise to many of us. Whilst difficult to grow in our area Michael has had success with growing in half barrels and ericaceous soil. Many of his photographs were taken in his Cornish garden and showed the height and profusion to which they can grow.