held at Michael Hicken’s home in Edon

On a rainy afternoon a very convivial meeting was held at Michael Hicken’s home.  Thank you Michael for delicious homemade sausage rolls, sarnies and cake! As usual, we each took turn to highlight our successes and problems and present our roses blooming at the moment.
The roses identified as worth noting this session are:

  • Mme Alfred Carrière – very good repeat this year (pale pink vigorous climber)
  • Parfum Royal – strong pink climber with good perfume
  • Rêve d’Or – apricot pink to yellow good climber
  • Warm Welcome – orange becoming red
  • Orange Sensation – patio rose
  • Abraham Derby – apricot/pink

Pat Caborn was tasked with providing us with 6 cuttings of her rose named by us as ‘Frilly Knickers’ – deep terracotta floribunda rose.
Richard Evans was also tasked with providing cuttings of his lovely un-named roses:

  • Small, deep-pink floribunda
  • Larger, deep-pink bush rose – three of each!
  • and a cutting of his American Pillar for Michael.

The rose feed recommended by Sheila is KB Rose Engrais – one application for 6 months. The rose treatment recommended by Jocelyn M. is Bayer Jardin’s Insects et Maladies (see below) she finds better than the English Roseclear. 
Rosemary had had bad infestation of brown shield-like beetles which were eating buds and laying their eggs and which she had overcome with ‘squishing’ regularly as opposed to spraying.  They were then identified as the Rose Chafer beetle.
There will be an extra-special meeting/farewell party at Pat Caborn’s house on
TUESDAY AUGUST 8TH when we will all bring plates of canapes and bubbly.
SEPTEMBER MEETING will be at the Evan’s home on Tuesday 5th September.


The first Rose Group meeting of 2017 was held today at La Roussie, Lusignac and was well attended.  The weather was fine and sunny but there was a fair wind blowing –  we did find a sheltered spot to have some very good discussion on varied topics – ranging from a ‘rare hybrid’ rose brought by Carelle, the rose had opened to reveal four more buds within it – to a wonderful recipe for a compost of horse manure & sawdust well mixed with water and covered with black plastic to ‘cure’, this was developed by Jos and Michel after an interesting discussion between the two!  Most of the group had brought roses from their gardens already in bloom and these were named, smelt (with many oohs and ahhs!) and discussed.  Michael Hicken had a lovely spray of a Banksia that has grown to at least 60 feet into a tree in his garden!  This looks as if it may be an exceptional year for roses  - here’s hoping!  I believe we all learnt something very useful today.  Sheila Harris